What Make us Difference ?

We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and excellent service. We may not always be the cheapest if you are comparing us with other operators but we feel strongly that it’s the little extras that make the difference between an average trip and an unforgettable trip. Here are one or two things to consider if you are looking at quotes from several tour operators:

Included within the price of a Kilimanjaro climb with Authentic are park fees, airport transfers, and accommodation in Arusha before and after your climb, even on lightweight itineraries.

Our trips are all ‘non-participatory camping’, which means a full camp team and crew is provided.

On the luxury and VIP specification climbs, a private, proper loo tent is provided as opposed to using the public long drop loos.

Fresh fruit and home cooked (nothing freeze dried or boil-in-the-bag) three course meals are included. Meals are served in a designated dining tent with proper seating.

Our climbs use new, top of the range kit and equipment.

We use only high quality guides who have constant training to keep knowledge up to date.

All our climbs are equipped with supplementary oxygen, pulse oximeters, and customised evacuation stretchers. All the guides are First Aid trained.

Our team in Kilimanjaro employs one crew member as a runner, whose sole job on a climb is to run to the next camping site to claim the best camping area for the group (i.e. not on a slope or on rocky ground).

You will benefit from a full operations team at base who are in constant communication with the head guide who monitors the group’s progress.

The guides we use have superb emergency training and the crew have the same access to emergency aid as the paying climbers.

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