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Ensuring safety on Kilimanjaro means trekking with the best guides who are experts in monitoring your health and in recognizing symptoms of altitude sickness in the early stages.

Authentic Kilimanjaro Guides and tour Safaris Guides are licensed guides and medically trained as professional protectors.

Their experience and knowledge of Kilimanjaro, all the national and walking safaris are unparalleled with hundreds of summit ascents and extensive training in evacuation procedures under their belts along with the flying doctors services.

They are leaders with impeccable judgment and natural ability to instill confidence.

Dedicated exclusively to Authentic Kilimanjaro, our guides are committed to helping you successfully reach the summit of Africa’s Uhuru peak as well as the visit to all East African National Parks successfully and back home happily.

Safaris Tour Guides

Authentic Kilimanjaro offers well trained guides for safaris.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t speak English we have French Speaking guides, German Speaking guides, Spanish speaking guides as well as Italian Speaking guides


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